Squash Drops “Richard Mille” Music Video after Watch Busters Revelation

Montego Bay’s finest deejay, Squash has launched a rebuttal to the recent accusations launched at him by a blog stating that he was sporting a fake watch. The entertainer not only responded to the claims, but he also did so in style by releasing a new track entitled “Richard Mille”, produced by ” 6ixReal Records.

In the introduction of the song, Squash spoke to the fact that it is his greatness that is killing them and the ones who have been talking are not able to buy a Richard Mille watch, hence they try to paint a picture to make him look bad.

The entertainer went on in the new banger to express that there is just something about him that causes his haters to worry however, the deejay makes it clear that he is not letting them move him since he is full of money and lives in style. Further on in the song Squash, explains that he only rates who rate him, something that he highlighted in one of his previous songs.

In the rest of the song, the Montego Bay star artiste emphasizes that he works hard for whatever he has and that’s what he is being hated for, regardless of the sleepless nights he spends working on his craft. Moving forward Squash stated that there is nothing to prove as he already has everything he needs despite people not even believing he was capable of becoming the legend that he says he is.

The song certainly sends a statement to the public as well as the watch exposers. The deejay seemingly cares not about the critical comments about the realness of his watch. To make his point even clearer Squash can be seen proudly wearing the accessory in the music video of the song.

At this point, a real version of the Rm035 gold watch he was exposed for, is going for prices varying well over US $250,000. The famed watch is notorious for being a choice amongst top-class celebrities, with fewer than 5000 of the unique timekeeping accessories made annually in the world.

Watch “Richard Mille” music video below.

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