Squash Exposed For Wearing Fake Richard Mille Gold Watch

Dancehall artiste, Squash is now in the spotlight, not for a hit song as is usual but for wearing a fake Gold watch.

The Montego Bay deejay was exposed by a blog that goes by the name “Fake watch buster 2.0”, which called out the “Trending” artiste for wearing a knockoff (Richard Mille) Rm035 Americas Gold Toro watch, which according to the blog is worth up to 570-600 thousand dollars in its genuine form.

Squash posted a picture on his Instagram recently wearing the accessory, captioning the photo by writing “Nuh affi seh 40 words 39 good #forever6ixxx”, however after being exposed fans were throwing verbal punches at him from left to right with some fans using the opportunity to compare him to the Vendetta boss Alkaline, stating that the ” Cree” artiste would never do such a thing.

According to the Watchbusters, the watch the deejay is wearing is fake because it deviates from the real thing where the case shape, screw size, font size, skeleton, and time markers are concerned. The exposure also made it known that all Rm035 fake watches carry the same serial number 201214 and when they investigated the photo with Squash showing his watch, the serial number is the same.

The RM in the name of the accessory stands for Richard Mille, whose watch brand is highly regarded by celebrities and at this point, there are only 50 pieces of the luxury item available in the world.

In their defence, “Fake watch buster 2.0” added a disclaimer to their exposer of Squash noting that their sole purpose is to distinguish the real from the fake, and not to promote any form of hate, but will the “6ixx Boss” interpret their move as such? And what will he say about the watch? We will only have to wait and see.

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