Squash Mother Lashes Out at Critics and Denies Rumours “Go s**k unuh mumma… all who have bad fi seh” – Watch Video

The mother of dancehall artiste Squash took to a live chat to vent and lash out at her many critics, the out-spoken mother also disses her ex-boyfriend who has been bashing her online, claiming that she is pregnant and that she owes him money.

Shelly-Ann Millwood who also goes by the name ‘Mummy Shelly’ outlined in the live chat that she’s not pregnant for her ex-boyfriend, she also called out several vloggers, saying they are running with ‘false allegations’.

“Go S**k unuh mumma from one to all who have bad fi seh,” the disgruntled mother declared during her live chat.

“Anything mi left mi nuh pick up back cause mi nuh deal wid garbage…Some likkle waste mouth, piss mouth piss face bwoy,” she also stated at one point about her ex-boyfriend before outlining that she will not get pregnant for “any young bwoy”.

This latest live chat comes just days after ‘Mummy Shelly’ went live to deny rumours that she loves young boys, “Mi neva deh wid a young bwoy inna mi life,” she stated before declaring that as a big women she has never dated a man who is in his 20s, suggesting that she only dates 30 and over.

In her latest chat, she also denies dating/sleeping with any of her son’s friends, noting that many of them are not attractive to her.

A video clip from her live chat was shared on Youtube by Fame Edjahz, check it out below:

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