Squash Responds to Accuser Plus New Voicenote Allegedly of Squash Mother Leaked – Listen

Another voice note has been leaked, reportedly from Squash’s mother, Shelly-Ann Millwood, to the man who accused her and her son of theft and murder. The accuser, known as Manindistreet on social media, made additional claims in a new video, seemingly suggesting that he and Shelly-Ann were once romantically involved.

In the voice note, she can be heard expressing that she will be maintaining distance from the recipient and also stating that she has no regrets about her pregnancy.

“Mi nuh wah get involve, yuh understand, mi just stay away from yuh cause mi see who you is and weh yuh capable of… And mi nuh sorry bout nuh pregnancy. Mi nuh sorry bout nothing weh a happen to me. Anything weh a reach me, a mi cause it pan myself and mi wi own we mi get and just stay one side and easy miself.”

Listen to the voice note in the video below:

The voice message was leaked on TikTok, and in the comments of the post, the man noted that Shelly-Ann is 54 and her sons have urged her to hide her pregnancy.

Additionally, in the video he shared, he expressed that he had severed ties with Shelly-Ann, but she was going crazy over him. “Mi diss dat deh big old ugly woman deh, and mi nuh want him bredda and di woman just a mad out so,” he said.

He recounted incidents in which she reportedly behaved as a “close enemy,” prompting him to sever ties and demand that she ensure her sons return his money. He also went on to outline that he will be releasing more voice notes and giving more damning info to the public about Squash and his mother.

However, Squash has denied having any knowledge of the man in a post he made on Instagram. The post, which he deleted soon after, indicated that he had never seen nor met the man before, adding that Manindistreet is “delusional.”

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