Squash ‘Seet deh mi up inna dem town’: Chronic Law “Nah si dem inna dem home town”

On Sunday, Squash shared audio online, boosting speculations that he and Chronic Law are at odds. The short audio clip is seemingly reacting to a video that has been going around with Chronic Law saying “Nah si dem inna dem own Town” after someone also said, “deh inna yo home town cuz, how mi cah si yo,” while showing the Montego Bay sign.

Notably, Squash is from Montego Bay while Chronic Law is from St. Thomas. Also, interestingly, Chronic Law does not represent “6ix” like he usually does in the past in his songs and on social media which is adding to the speculation that the two have fallen out.


However, on the heels of Aidonia and Govana’s fallout rumour, and subsequent comedic video, many fans are waiting to see how this scenario plays out. The audio in Squash’s post says, “God kill mi if a lie mi a tell seet deh mi up inna dem town… badman mi inna unuh town bro… tap from hide bro.. all now wi cah si dem… nuh weh a tall… Jesus Christ.” Check out the post below:

In reply to Squash’s cryptic post, one person wrote, “Start the war wid law boss $ stfu,” he then @ Squash and Chronic Law in his post as shown below:

Screenshot 2024 04 07 at 8.33.53 PM

Check out Chronic Law‘s earlier post below:

Screenshot 2024 04 07 at 8.50.12 PM

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