St Andrew Man Seeks Urgent Attention From Doctors For Help With Penile Problem

Thursday, April 29, 2021, 8:11 AM

56-year-old Uston Willis is seeking urgent medical attention, as he has been suffering from penile problems for over 9 years and has stated that he cannot hold out any longer.

According to Willis who is from the community of Mavis Bank in St Andrew he has been having issues urinating, leading to him having to wear a catheter. He also said that he discovered just last year that it was a blockage that developed into an infection at the head of his penis why he was experiencing his problems.


The issues he has been having, according to Uston has impacted his sex life as well as his work life due to the severe pain that he has to go through.

Willis says that whenever he gets an erection, it is just constant pain for him and he does not feel like a man anymore.

His daughter is also pleading for his help as she is saddened by the pain he has to endure, as well as to see him cry.

Willis said that he has been getting his surgery appointments put off for a while, with the doctors at KPH telling him that Covid-19 is the reason.

The last date he got, however, is due for September of this year but Uston says he cannot hold out any longer.

When contacted, the South East Regional Health authority Public Relations Officer, Shuwana Johnson stated that they are currently trying their best to make way for an appointment for Willis, and that management at the Kingston Public Hospital will be in contact with him.

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