St. Mary Residents Capture Armed Robber in His Tracks – Watch Video

Residents of St. Mary apprehended potential robbers with the help of a licensed firearm holder from the community, according to the resident’s account of the events that unfolded. A viral video shows one of the men stopped in his tracks as he sits in the middle of the street, helpless and brutalized.

The man seen in the video was in visible pain with blood spewing from numerous areas of his body; the tape began with the man lying in the trunk of a vehicle and then skipped to the man sitting in the road surrounded by angry residents, a policeman was also on the scene recovering a gun which he placed inside a bag.


As it relates to his two other accomplices, a resident from the community is heard saying one of them was in the bushes suffering from gunshot wounds from the hands of the licensed firearm holder. The man confirmed what the residents asserted and also revealed the information about the car he came to the community in and who the owner of the vehicle was; he seemingly escaped the wrath of the residents via the said vehicle.

During his revelation of his cronies, the man pleaded with the police officer on the scene, referred to as ‘Mr Ward’, not to leave him there in the care of the residents. Some of the residents also informed the police that he made a call on one of his phones and then proceeded to destroy the device.

This incident follows a related encounter that took place in Westmoreland days ago when residents cornered and beat two gunmen, resulting in the death of one of the criminals after they allegedly murdered a woman from the community.

See the video below:


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