Stacy Xpressionz Speaks About the Stunt that Caused the Death of Roxanne the Dancer

Stacy Xpressionz the dancer who helped to create the stunt that might have caused the death of 27-year-old Roxanne Evans, now says the dancers who did the stunt, didn’t do it properly and she doesn’t regret doing the stunt.

Stacy Xpressionz aka “Goody Plum” said the stunt is called “Chuk Through” she would go on her head top and spread her legs and her dance partner Shelly Xpressionz would dive through her legs, land and roll on the ground before the opening her legs and end with a split.

The stunt was the secret weapon for both Stacy and Shelly Xpressionz and she doesn’t think it is dangerous when dancers know what to do. 

However, she says when persons don’t know the techniques and try to do the stunt it can go wrong. She remembers looking at a video of Roxanne and the other dancer doing a similar stunt to the one she invented, but she thinks it looked different from hers.

Stacy says there is a technique to the stunt and the dancer who did a similar stunt did not do it right hence it went wrong and caused the death of Roxanne. There needs to be a run up and if that isn’t properly done, the whole stunt won’t work states Stacy.

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Stacy is now touring and teaching dancehall moves in many places around the world, she has visited places like Russia, China, India and other places and a lot more dancers are travelling and sharing the culture, as dancehall music and dance moves are in high demand in many places around the world now.


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