Stampede At Travis Scott’s Show Kills 8 People… See Video

Tragedy struck at American rapper Travis Scott’s most recent show that was kept in Houston Texas for his album, “Astroworld”. The event was the host of a mass stampede that according to the TMZ News caused the deaths of 8 persons and the injury of over 300. The incident was said to have started when someone was going around injecting persons with a drug, which resulted in a surge of persons trying to escape to the front of the venue, climbing on whatever they got the chance to.

The show was a sold-out event, with over 50,000 in attendance, which tells you that the crowd was not at the least small, and when the panic started it would have surely resulted in some deaths. Many persons were reported to be victims of cardiac arrests during the stampede and the authorities are still investigating whether the heart ailments were due to the injections that were being unlawfully dished out.

According to the reports, a 10-year-old was among the persons confirmed dead from the stampede at the venue and while Kylie Jenner and Scott’s daughter Stormi was in attendance of the event they were both safe.

The situation was wild at the venue in Houston and was even described by the stage manager to be a crime scene after everything subsided. Videos of persons at the show getting CPR could be seen circulating online, and one woman who says she is a nurse explained that she also passed out when persons were surging to the front, only waking up back to be one of those assisting with first aid.

Luckily for the over 300 persons injured at the event, they were able to be given treatment at the field hospital located close to where the show was being kept.

No word on what happened at the event has been heard from Travis Scott as yet but what is known is that the show was marked for destruction even before it started since there were reports of people ‘bombrushing’ to enter the venue, even going on to knock down structures set up to facilitate Order.

While the event was going on and the stampede was taking place, It took moments before Travis really acknowledged what was going on in the crowd. After seeing the severity, Scott stopped his performance and became concerned about his fans as he continuously inquired about their well being.

The “Astroworld” event was originally planned as a 3-day event, but there is no certainty that it will continue since the second day of the show is already cancelled.

Check out the scenes from the deadly show below.


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