Starface Sings About Conjugal Relationship In New Song “Miss My Love”

Female dancehall artiste, Starface, has released a brand new song that truly defines what art is.

The new track was produced by Natural Bond Entertainment, and is entitled “Miss My Love”. The song is very artistic due to its concept, which is based on a relationship where one of the parties is incarcerated.


The concept has only been seen before in the dancehall space with Spice and Vybz Kartel’s conjugal visit.

The song done by Starface, speaks about the loyalty and dedication it takes to make such a relationship work and the memories that linger in the air due to one partner’s absence.

Starface said that the song was based on her friend’s relationship, where her boyfriend had been locked up for years and they remained together in love and loyalty.

The song was released on November 13, and Starface has expressed her enthusiasm about the song since it was produced by Jerome Elvie’s team.

She made it clear that Natural Bond Entertainment was great to work with because they have always done their best where the promotion of songs is concerned.

Starface, whose real name is Nadesha Edwards is originally from Denham Town, Kingston and started her career a few years ago, eventually hitting the scene with hits like ” Hold my man” and “Naah lef”.

The diva has now added the new track to her collection, and already has much faith that the well-conceptualized song will do well based on the great partnership that led to its manifestation.

Starface is also well known for the 2019 video, “Ready” a remix to Rygin King’s song “Tuff” that has already amassed over 8 million views on youtube.

Even though there is only an audio track available for “Miss my love”, Starface has faith that the song will have an impact in the music space.

Listen to “Miss My Love” below.

Hopefully, her fans will get to see a music video soon.

Check out some of her eye catching pictures below.

Starface 1
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Starface 3

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