Stepfather Arrested for Death of Badly Beaten 4yo

A 4-year-old child died at the Spanish Town Public Hospital yesterday after he was said to have been beaten by his stepfather for eating slowly. According to the corporate communications unit, the family of the child was having dinner at approximately 7 pm when the child said he was not feeling well, and as a result was consuming the food very slowly.

Reports are that after the child did not eat the food, the stepfather broke a piece of stick then proceeded to beat the child with it, hitting him in the lower and upper body areas leading to swelling and bruises on the 4-year-old.

It is then said that the stepfather also started to beat the mother of the child who tried to stop him from taking out his rage on the child, however, she suffered several injuries as well in addition to the fact that the man also used metal on her.

According to the CCU, the child then went to the bathroom where he was found by the stepfather breathing very slow then going unresponsive after a time.

The 4 year old was pronounced dead upon being taken into hospital, and after the parents of the child were questioned the stepfather was brought into custody.

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