Stephen Francis Talks on Elaine Thompson-Herah’s Injuries and Husband, “I could have seen this situation coming when she got married” – Watch Interview

Arguably, the greatest sprint coach of all time, Stephen Francis, gave some insights on his methods that have produced numerous gold medalists coming out of the tiny island of Jamaica. The living legend also talks about controversial athlete Elaine Thompson-Heras’s injuries and how he envisioned her current struggles.

Stephen Francis outlined some of his proven methods as it relates to preventing and dealing with injuries in an interview with Street Driven tv, stating, “How we operate is that the vast majority of our encounters with injuries are solved in-house, we have basic things we do, to one try to prevent the injuries in the first place.”

The veteran coach continued to give insights into his methods, which entailed despending resources and constantly researching the best practices. “But once they do occur, then depending on the level of the athlete, it determines the kind of resources they have available to help them,” Francis outlined.

This year’s sprinting season saw Elaine Thompson-Herah fall from grace as she failed to make the team for the World Championship in Budapest, Hungary and many critics are now blaming the disappointment on her departure from the Stephen Francis Led MVP camp.

Despite Thompson-Hera’s seemingly ill-advised decision, Stephen Francis says he has alot of sympathy for Thompson-Hera’s current struggles, even though he predicted it.


“I could have seen this situation coming when she got married, am only disappointed that she didn’t see it, she was not stronger to resist the various pulls on her. When she left, somebody asked me what I think will happen to her, and I said, well, the first thing she had to do is stay healthy; believe me, that is harder than you think.”

Francis also revealed that Thompson-Hera’s physicality is easily susceptible to injuries and her habit of not listening to him. The coach recounted a time when he advised her against continuing to work with a particular physio, however, Thompson-Hera refused, which resulted in her not being able to walk, which led to her missing the 2019 World Championship.

See the interview below:


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