Steven McGregor Working With Rihanna, Defends Trap Dancehall

Steven McGregor the son of the famous Jamaican entertainer Freddie McGregor is going places and making great plans for the Jamaican music business. He has been living in LA and learning more about the music business as he plans to help Jamaicans to be ready to showcase their talents internationally in a better way.

In a recent interview he spoke about understanding the business structure, the attitude and the ability to navigate when you are trying to make it in the music business.

Speaking about the success of Jamaicans who have made it big internationally is something that Steven has researched, and he is ready to unleash his newly found knowledge on the talented Jamaican youth. He mentioned the fact that there is a lot of talent on the island and the system that is in place now.

He has been working with the internationally successful Barbadian artiste Rihanna on her Reggae inspired album as he learned more about the music business.

He revealed that the big stars that have managed to produce mega hits, have had big teams behind them, and they have also developed a good attitude. This makes it possible for them to work with the big record labels, as they are dependable and easy to work with.

When he mentioned the new Dancehall Trap music that is being promoted by the new dancehall artistes. He said it was best for everyone to support the young entertainers, learn to coexist and see what happens after a while.

He remembers coming out with a new sound and it wasn’t liked at the beginning but after a while it did well, and it was embraced.

He acknowledges that it helps to be his father’s son and he is glad he has been put in a position to help the many talented Jamaicans who would like to be successful in the music business.

Steven has also been working with John Legend on a song.

When he was asked about the competition between dancehall music and the new afro beats, that has started a firestorm on social media. He said Reggae and Dancehall music is still loved by many people all over the world, so Jamaicans have nothing to worry about.

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