Sting Virtual Staging 2020 Cancelled

The team controlling the planning and management of the biggest one-night show in Jamaica, Sting has decided to cancel its comeback due to several ongoing issues.

Isaiah Laing the promoter of the show, says that the presentation of the dancehall show has to be well put together to be delivered to the fans of the event.


In August of this year, Laing had set his eyes out for this year’s end, stating that the well-celebrated event was to come back in the form of a virtual staging just like Reggae Sunsplash did, however, at this time the plug has been pulled.

According to the organisers they are faced with financial issues stemming from Artiste Fees, and production management.

What will be held instead, is memorabilia of past years which will also include performances from big names, who took part in the shows of the glory days.


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