Stone Boy the African International Dancehall Recording Star Ready to Bring More Afro Beats to Jamaica

Monday, February 1, 2021, 11:25 AM

Stone Boy said whenever he is in the US, he feels like he needs to go to Jamaica. He joked about being on the island to collect his Jamaican passport.

He just released a video on which Jamiel the Jamaican artiste is featured.


During a recent interview with Winford Williams of OnstageTV he reported on the impact of Covid-19 in Africa, where there is a second wave that is going on in Ghana, and the recovery rate is high, but some parts of Africa didn’t really get affected by the virus as it was said that Tanzania banned the virus.

Ghana is growing economically and people from Jamaica, the US and other places are going over there to live. He said they are welcomed there as a part of the African family.

The African artistes have loved Reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and now they have combined all the genres and found this new music that everybody loves.

Stone Boy says he does up to 4 big shows a night in Africa sometimes and the music is becoming more popular and he is also getting endorsements.

He knows the royalty system in Africa is now being fixed, but he believes Africa is being ripped off again in the music business. People pick-up things from Africa and rewire them.

His last album ‘Angola Junction’ represents all the experience he gained all over the world.

He doesn’t want to leave the consciousness out of the music and he thanks Buju Banton for his help, as he is learning a lot from him. He doesn’t want to just do music for fun- fun -fun.

Stone Boy sees Jamaica as the gateway to the west or the little Africa in the west, as he knows that Reggae took the world by storm a long time ago.

Spiritually and physically as an African the artiste feels connected to Jamaica.

Stone Boy knows Jamaican patois because many Jamaicans came from Ghana originally, and the brought the language with them.

The African artiste said Jamaicans want more afro beats now and he is ready to bring it to the island.

Watch the full interview below.

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