Storm Pauses Earthquake Recovery In Haiti Making Matters Worse

Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 2:33 PM GMT-5

Haiti Is currently experiencing a great misfortune, having been struck with a terrible earthquake in the hurricane season. So far 1941 persons have been reported to have died from the natural disaster with up to 9915 people still missing.

The quake was a saddening moment for the first independent Caribbean nation, as it has been working through its political process that got pivoted in the ground when their late president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated.


Now that Tropical Storm Grace, passed through its turf right after the earthquake people have been fighting extra hard to survive, trying to get food, shelter and medical care which are all rare commodities in the country at this time.

Search efforts had to be put on pause due to the Storm, which might have caused more casualties since many missing people might have died due to the extreme weather conditions.

For those persons seeking medical care, it is proving to be extra difficult as the hospitals have been filled in the country and there is a case of not enough doctors being available to be deployed to help those in need.

10’s of thousands of buildings have also been reported to be damaged, which also happened 11 years ago when they experienced the earthquake that claimed 200,000 lives.

The United Nations have made efforts to help the people of Haiti however, it is said that due to Gang restrictions in some places it has been difficult for them. On a positive note, based on negotiations, the international organization was able to pass some of the gangsters to reach the hospital in Les Cayes of the country however the facility has been filled and more space is needed.

At this point, half a million children in Haiti lack access to clean water, healthcare and shelter, even though the UN has donated 8 million dollars to help they will require much more.

As a good gesture, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic has sent medical supplies, food and rescue teams to assist the desperate nation with hopes of getting them back on their feet.

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