Story Of Taxi Man Who Survived After Getting His Throat Cut By A Passenger

The year 1995 was a very scary one for 54-year-old Clifton Williams while he was on Taxi duty in Spanish Town, which left him with a terrible scar filled with memories of the horrific night he received it.

According to Williams, the frightening event unfolded by him taking up two men while on his way driving towards Walks Road however, according to Clifton, he received a hunch telling him that the men were up to no good as when he picked them up they told their friends that were there with them that they will be returning soon.


That alone caused the taxi driver to wonder what the men were up to, coupled with the fact that after they took his vehicle they asked the man to drop them off at an area in Monticello, however, to his surprise there were not many houses in the vicinity which made him curious even more as to what they wanted.

When he finally decided to ask the men in specific where they wanted to be dropped off, Williams said the one behind him proceeded to cut his throat, and the other man jumped out of the vehicle when he stopped. The taxi man said the ordeal continued, with an elderly woman that he had in the car witnessing what took place, and decided to run, while crying out in the process, due to the tragic event.

At that point Williams explains to the Jamaica Observer who brought the story that he remained in the car, fighting off the two men even when his neck was subject to much bleeding from the cut. First, the Taxi man said he gained the upper hand over one man after which he proceeded to the next in the back, after which the criminals decided they would run away.

According to Williams, he bravely drove himself to the hospital, after the incident, where he received 14 stitches to close his wound.

Even though he did not want to stop driving his taxi, Clifton says that he took a two-year break and went to drive a delivery truck since he knows that in an instance where someone’s life is tried after and they escape, those responsible for attempting to do the damage always come back.

The experienced taxi man said that he is now back on the road with his regular cab business, and even though his family was terrified because of what happened he has to work since that is how he sends his children to school.

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