Student Mistook Car for Uber and Was Stabbed 120 Times – Video Report

July 29, 2021

A grieving Mom pours out her rage at the man convicted of murdering her daughter who was just weeks away from her graduation.

Samantha’s case has changed the way people think about using ride share. The safety rule is now being enforced even more, now Uber users should check the license plate of the vehicle they are going into and ask the driver their name and ask them to say your name, to see it the information corresponds with what you expect it to be.


The driver who murdered this girl used the child lock, so that Samantha would be trapped in the car and he stabbed her to death.

Samantha was caught on camera when she entered the car and the evidence for the case was overwhelming. Yet Nathaniel Roland, said he was innocent but it didn’t matter what he said. 

However, he was sentenced to life in prison by the judge, as the evidence was clear.

Learn more from the video report below.



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