Student Stabbed To Death Over A Guard Ring At William Knibb Memorial High School

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 10:20 AM

The fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Khamal Hall, a Dacosta cup footballer at the William Knibb Memorial High School in Trelawny yesterday is presumably linked to an argument over a stolen guard ring from one of his friends.

According to Audrey Steele (Acting Principal), Hall accused one of his classmates of stealing a guard ring from one of his friends and he allegedly struck the student with a piece of stick. The student then allegedly stabbed Hall with a knife to parts of his upper back.


Hall was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment where he was pronounced dead.

Reports are that the illegal weapon was smuggled on the school grounds by the unnamed student in his shoes. He is currently in police custody.

The two-year break from regular face-to-face classes is believed to have contributed to a rise in children participating in illegal activities.

A senior cop told a reputable news outlet that their investigations found that several students have been involved in lottery scamming and an expensive, six-figure guard ring is usually worn in this practice.

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