Police Find Large Numbers Of Weapons Amongst Students As Face To Face Classes Resume

Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 5:06 PM GMT-5

After the Prime Minister earlier this year declared that face to face classes would have been resumed soon, it finally happened on Monday, March 7, however, between that time and this Wednesday the St. Catherine North Police conducted several school searches and the findings were very astonishing.

The searches were carried out by Inspector Ishmale Williams and his team. The reason behind the checks was to ensure that the students returning to their institutions had a safe learning environment without weapons.

Sadly though, the Police would have been very much disappointed when their search was conducted and concluded as the group of officers who made the checks found numerous items that could have been used as weapons such as knives, scissors as well as other pointed objects along with smoking apparel such as lighters and even cigarettes.

The items were posted on the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Instagram page, where they also wrote a caption concerning the search carried out. As a word of warning to parents, the JCF urged them to ensure that their children are not carrying weapons to school.

As for the consequences of the students found with weapons or weapon-like objects, no details have been released about their punishment, however, considering that some of the items found can be used to carry out homicides we know that the guilty students will not be walking back to school with just a mere warning.

In the comment section of the post, it was a shocking revelation to some persons considering that many of them might also be parents and as such a lot of those who commented could only express fright at the situation knowing that their child could have been one of the students such dangerous items were confiscated from.

See JCF Instagram post with comments below.

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