Student Visits ‘Obeah Man’ to be Delivered from Sex Demon

February 14, 2021 8:45 AM

One night in January, Mary* was sitting by her computer when she had an encounter with evil on her Facebook page when she received a frightening message from a male user of the social-media platform.

He revealed that death was upon her and that it was a traditional curse.


He explained that she had a very bright future, and she shouldn’t allow anyone to take it away. He told her that she needed to go and visit him personally, or else she was going to die. He also urged her to set herself free and said she should not allow the enemy to beat her down.

The college student, told someone that the man believed she was possessed by a sex demon and she would be dead by the end of February. At first Mary was unconvinced, but the messages of doom were more constant as the days went by. She began cowering in fear and said that the man told her about the things that had happened in her life that appeared true, and that caused her to begin believing him. The Obeah Man said he was not only a ‘reader man’, but he could also rid her of the demon.

Spiritual Bath

The Obeah Man sent her his number after he told her that she was in need of a spiritual bath urgently, he also sent her some scary voice notes.

Mary started saying she was too young and she was not ready to die as yet. Then like a fool, she gave the man her number and he told her what she should buy to prepare the bath.

Mary got frightened and used about $8,000 from her savings to buy the things for the bath, they included a bottle of rum, green limes, a dried coconut and olive oil.


She was told to take along an added amount of $7,500 to purchase candles, and an altar offering of $1,300. When she got to the Corporate Area where the man lives she realised that something was wrong.

She thought he would simply do the bath and remove the curse. Instead he allegedly took her outside and told her to spin three times before a mirror before he said a prayer and broke the coconut.

After that was done he took her back inside and told her to remove her clothes, because the sex demon could only be removed if he got sexual with her.


At first Mary was told that she just needed to rub him down, she revealed, but the next she discovered that he was on top of her, and both of them were naked.

She said she didn’t know how he got there and she felt when he sprayed something on her because she remembered him telling her to pray, before he got on top of her.


She also realized that she couldn’t remember if he penetrated her and she was ashamed to face herself in the mirror. Now she is afraid to go to the police. However, she wants persons who use social media platforms to be wary of these predators who can intend to cause harm and they will also inflict terrible pain because of their evil intentions.


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