Studies Show Rise in ‘Jackets’ in Jamaica, Low Sperm Count a Major Factor

Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 8:29 PM

Chief Medical Officer of SureTime Emergency Medical Services, Dr Andre McDonald, has shared research conducted by his medical facility, which has revealed a rise in the low sperm count of men as well as paternity fraud, commonly referred to as jacket in Jamaica.

McDonald said that he was driven to do the research due to the vast number of the medical facility’s patients who were victims of paternity fraud. The doctor described his findings as troubling and said they had resulted in couples becoming abusive in their relationship.


Speaking on Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica, McDonald shared that his facility recorded that seven out of ten of their male patients who had conducted DNA tests were, in fact, not the fathers of their alleged children. McDonald explained that the figures do not reflect the national average but the average of men tested at their facility who had developed doubts regarding the paternity of their children, sometimes due to the status of their relationships.

According to McDonald, men are often driven to do a test on their sperm count after realising that multiple children they believed to be theirs are not. McDonald disclosed that tests have shown not only a low sperm count but zero sperm count in these men.

Zero sperm count, or Azoospermia, may be caused by a blockage preventing sperm from entering the semen or by decreased sperm production by the testis. Speaking further on infertility, McDonald said studies have shown that 40% of infertility within a relationship is caused by the man, another 40% by the woman, while the remaining 20% is from both partners or inconclusive.

Watch the interview below.

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