Man Wants to Keep “Jacket” Son and End Relationship With Cheating Girlfriend

A man who goes by the name G.T. finds himself in a very difficult place after falling out of love with his girlfriend but still having lots of love for a child that is not his. The attachment G.T. feels with the child that his girlfriend had outside of their relationship remains very strong, whereas his girlfriend has made one too many infidelity mistakes for him to be with her.

In a concerned letter, G.T. explained that he fell in love with a young lady at the age of 22. He and the female attended the same school, and one month into their relationship, she told him that she might be pregnant. She also said that the baby was not his, but he vowed to stand by her nonetheless.

She did not receive such a pledge from the actual father, who the writer said had two baby mothers at the time. When the biological father became aware of the situation, he told her that having a baby “would be a big mistake.”

“I felt sorry for her and I was in love with her,” G.T. expressed.

G.T. got a job at a supermarket, and since he was living with his mother and grandmother at the time, he lied to them about the baby being his after his girlfriend dropped out of school because of her growing baby bump.

After meeting and lying to his mother and grandmother, the female moved in with his family. The writer said his grandmother became suspicious six months after his girlfriend gave birth. “My grandmother told me that the child had nothing for me, so it must be a ‘jacket’. She said a boy would have something for his father.”

“My mother agreed, but I continued to live with the girl and took care of the child,” he wrote.

However, things went downhill when he discovered that his girlfriend was meeting and receiving money from the child’s father. Phone calls became whispered conversations, and “sexy messages” were being exchanged.

Deciding to investigate his girlfriend’s suspicious actions, he followed her to a location and watched her hug and kiss the father of her child. According to the writer, when he questioned his girlfriend later that day, she lied about being at the hospital with her cousin.

The writer, who is now 43 years old, said he did not sleep next to his girlfriend that night upon finding out that she “was such a deceiver.” He subsequently opened up to his grandmother, who spoke to the woman and made her confess. The woman also begged her not to kick her out of the house and admitted that she only hooked up with the child’s father when she needed money.

The writer disclosed that he could not bear to see the mother, as he now felt hatred for her. However, the little boy, who he gave his name, is someone he does not want to lose.

The letter was penned to Dear Pastor, asking for advice.

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