Woman Pregnant After Cheating With Cousin; Planning on Telling Her Baby Father She Was Raped

A woman is now pregnant with her cousin’s child after recently visiting her family in the United States of America.

The twenty-five-year-old mother of two said she struggles to maintain her children despite their father’s best efforts. Though she respected him, she still cheated on him with her cousin.

In a letter to the pastor in the Jamaica Star’s “Tell me Pastor” section, the woman outlined that the ordeal began when her cousin visited her from America. He was always kind to her and sent her money. They joked about getting married if they were not family.

A few months later, she travelled to the USA to visit another family member. The male cousin came to see her, and he took her shopping. She bought things for her two kids and their father. They then had dinner before he left, promising to return soon.

She became impatient and asked him why he had taken so long. He told her he had work and would be off on a particular day.

When he returned, he asked her if she wanted anything more from the store. In her words, he wouldn’t give her what she wanted. When he asked what it was, she confessed she had sexual feelings for him. He told her that it was Satan talking to her and she should remember that she had a man at home.

Nevertheless, they had sexual intercourse and did it again two days later before she returned home to Jamaica.

Upon returning to Jamaica, she found out she was pregnant, and it was not for her partner. She is devastated and contemplating an abortion. Her cousin was not opposed to her committing this act but sounded apologetic nevertheless.

Her final question to the pastor was whether she should do an abortion or tell her partner that she was raped but did not report it.

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