Stylo G talks on making the currently #1 Dancehall song

Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 7:09 PM

Stylo G a British Jamaican, now has the Number 1 trending song in Jamaica at this time. He pulled it off by using Social Media and he noticed that his Instagram post with the song slowly got popular and then it went viral. Nicki Minaj who was a friend of his on the site liked his song and posted it on her page.
Black Ice the dance crew started dancing to it and they put a flair in the middle, and that also helped to boost the popularity of the song.

Stylo G is now booked for a lot of events in Jamaica throughout the rest of this year and he is looking forward to greater things for 2019.


He holds on to his Jamaican roots as he has been getting a lot of support from his people in Spanish Town. He credits them when he talks about the promotion of his music.

Nicki in boxed him and told him how much she liked it, as she knows he is a fan of her music. Stylo likes the way Nicki mixes the patois with the Hip Hop and he also does that in the UK as well.

Dancehall music has been very popular among the young people in the UK. He says he has no opinion about the mix of patois and Hip Hop, even though some Jamaicans don’t like it. The mixing of Patois and Hip Hop is a formula that is very popular right now in the UK.

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