Summa Creating a Buzz with ‘Boom’

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6:36 PM

Fast-rising female dancehall artiste Summa is creating waves with her latest musical release titled ‘Boom’. It’s a raunchy hardcore dancehall track that highlights her lyrical abilities while staying through to the sexual side of the dancehall culture.

Summa who is a Bull Bay, St. Andrew native has been back and forth between Jamaica and America in recent times promoting her music and it appears the hard work is finally paying off based on positive reactions she has been getting online and at street events for the song.


Check out a clip below of one of the many events the song has created a buzz in.

Also, check out this promo video below of Summa in New York as she literally takes it to the streets to promote her catchy song.

Summa’s manager, Daniel Foster of Nahchange Entertainment has high hopes for the song and states, “The song is a female anthem, it a mash up the streets of Jamaica, Boasy Tuesdays, Uptown Mondays Boom Sundays and Weddy Weddy… females love this song, the females now can have the dance floor like back in the days.”

He went on to outline that the song has the potential to do good on the charts

Listen to the full song below:

On the other hand, Summa also has a song out with dancehall artiste Valiant, check it out below:

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