Sunbeam Boy’s Home Grateful for Millions in New Gifts from Buju Banton

February 23, 2021 7:48 AM

Buju Banton and his foundation completed a project at SUNBEAM Boys Home in St Catherine, on Sunday they were the proud recipient of a commercially viable poultry/egg layer business, courtesy of the reggae singjay.  

In July 2020, Buju Banton was the winner of the Jamaica Festival Song Competition, he committed to donating his $3-million prize to the St Catherine-based home and after he had discussions with them, a decision was made to start a poultry operation.  


The administrator Desmond Whitely, at Sunbeam Boys Home, said he was pleased with the offer. He gave Mr Myrie and the foundation his sincere gratitude for the gift.

They saw this as the most significant contribution by any one person and it has a big impact on the development of Sunbeam. The approach that the Buju Banton’s Foundation took, to invest and focus on the long-term development of the wards which is the best way to attain a sustainable life-changing impact; especially, for the young men.

It is far easier to build these boys than to mend the men. The contribution of the foundation is seen as a gesture that is building the boys of Sunbeam and to a larger extent the men of Jamaica.

Rosemary Duncan, the director at Buju Banton Foundation, revealed that the home received 500 layer birds and a state-of-the-art chicken coup that valued $3 million.

A marketing officer was employed to assist with promotion, sales and product distribution. The income that is generated will be directly reinvested into the facility to provide for the residents.

The staff and other persons who are involved, will be getting ongoing, theoretical and practical training in management and agriculture, to ensure the durability of the project.


In January 2019, Buju Banton Foundation was established and it continues in its mission to give help and hope to vulnerable boys. The foundation also gave an award of a full scholarship to Tajay Bailey at Denham Town High School. There will be skills training workshops, food supplies, school stationery and shoes among the resources given to the young Jamaicans.

Check out Buju’s latest post on the donation below.

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On the other hand, Buju Banton was recently denied of starting his own charity society by the Jamaican charity society.

The reasons behind Buju’s rejection comes as a result of his 2012 conviction that saw the “Upside Down” artiste spending 7 of his years behind bars.


The head of the society, Errol Gallimore has stated that the denial of Banton’s request is nothing personal, only a compliance with the rules of the charity society as it does not allow people convicted on serious crimes the ability to have their own foundation.

According to Gallimore, things like Public trust and competence are highly considered and as such, they were not satisfied with the entertainer’s request.

The Gargamel still has an alternative, however, which is to create the foundation under someone else’s name which does not defeat the meaning and the purpose of a charity organization.


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