“Super Gonorrhoea” Detected in UK that’s resistant to Antibiotics

The World Health Organization has announced the rise of a new problem, “Super Gonorrhoea”, and it is said to be resistant to any form of antibiotics at this time.

The spokesperson for WHO explained that that the bacteria might have gained strength in the pandemic due to overused antibiotics, in the sense where it made the mirco orgnism resistant to treatment.


The representative from WHO, further explained that a lot of people who might have the problem, might not have been diagnosed due to self-treatment.

Gonorrhoea was also said by the spokesperson to be one of the STI’s, that provides a major problem where treatment is concerned, due to its resistance.

For a country like the UK, this means big problems as they have to record the highest levels of Gonorrhoea in the world with over 70,936 cases in 2019.

At this time the UK is also battling a new and stronger form of the Covid-19 virus, which is said to also be resistant to the vaccine.


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