Suspected ATM Robbers Caught in St. Ann

Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 6:28 PM

Two men were detained by the police for allegedly stealing over $13 million from 2 (ATM) Automated Teller Machines on January 5 in two parishes.

The men were held during a raid in St. Ann, the police report states that it was believed that the men were related to each other.


It was revealed in January that three men spray-painted the security cameras before they entered a security code before they stole $9.2 m, the St. Ann’s Bay police reported.

The men allegedly moved on to Annotto Bay in St Mary and stole $4.5m more from another ATM.

The police got information and went to the home of a security guard, as they believed he was a suspect.

The Police said they carried out a search and recovered $4.1m from two safes that were at the home of the premises that was mentioned.

The security guard and his relative were incarcerated, their names were not released because of the pending investigations.

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