Suspected Serial Killer of Seniors in Nursing Homes Charged with 18 Murders

March 1, 2021

After a woman’s elderly mother died after she was healthy the evening before, the operators of the long-term care facility where she lived reported that she died of natural causes. Her relatives became suspicious and other women died not long after in the same way before their relatives noticed that jewelry was missing from their rooms.

A 48-year-old serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, had access to the homes because he posed as a maintenance worker, the police eventually did their investigation and took the suspect into custody.  Other mothers in other facilities in the area had been dying also.


He was held after a 91-year-old was being suffocated at another senior care facility in Dallas. The daughters of the deceased women are devastated, when they think of their loved one’s last minutes on earth.

It was revealed that the killer used pillows to suffocate his victims.  The facility did not install enough security cameras and allowed a man to have unfettered access to the rooms of the elderly ladies.

The Managers of facilities are saying it is a true tragedy, but they simply depended on the same investigative agencies they normally used before, to determine the cause of death. They are willing to comply with the authorities.

“Secure our Seniors Safety” is the non-profit that has been started by the family members.

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