Tabby Diamond Reportedly Killed By Gunmen Who Wanted His Son

A voice note is rapidly circulating the internet, indicating that the late reggae artiste Tabby Diamond was killed by gunmen who were allegedly after his son.

The strong allegations made by a man on a voice note were played by Andre Nelson, popularly known as MC Nuffy, during a live stream.


The voice note started by saying the man got a call from his friend, who was alerted by someone else about the shooting. The person who alerted his friend lives close to Tabby Diamond’s house and he wasn’t certain of the man’s death at the time being that he was carried away by ambulance to the hospital.

However, another alleged eyewitness claimed they could tell Diamond was going to die judging by the shots he got.

The voice note also continued to say that the gunmen made the deadly attack so that they could allegedly weed out Diamond’s son from his hiding place. It is also alleged that the killers will be keeping a watchful eye on the son at the funeral ceremonies such as the candlelight, nine-night, set up and funeral.

The person continued to say that the killers should not have taken Diamond’s life just to capture the son, but the fact that they did this has put them under the spotlight.

“Once yuh hear people seh a di son dem go fah and kill di daddy, you know seh people know a who,” the man recording stated. He went on to say that persons who knew the killers would now be seeking vengeance for the death of an innocent man.

Meanwhile, police investigators along with the help of relatives and close friends are working together to solve the murder of the reggae icon who was shot Tuesday night McKinley Crescent in St Andrew across from his house.

Persons are enraged and heartbroken by Donald “Tabby” Shaw’s death as he is always described by everyone as humble and peaceful. The death of Shaw is being called an act of pure “madnesss” by a man who questioned, “how poor people fi gun dung another poor man like themselves?”

One of Shaw’s daughters who spoke to the Observer reporters expressed that she is having a hard time coping with her father’s death and knowing that he died just outside of their gate made things even harder.

“My father walk and tell everybody seh me a him mad daughter,” she added in her statement. A friend of Shaw’s named Idrine expressed that the death of the reggae icon was “soul deep”, much like the death of Bob Marley did to the nation.

“This come een like a wound weh can’t heal,” he said. He also explained that Shaw was “a figure in the community,” who was focused on his work and far from violent, but the community was being destroyed by irrational, unnecessary violence.

“His status is great within music. Him come from the place where Bob Marley grow up. A straight hits him deal wid. All a him song dem can’t stop play,” the man went on to say.

According to the girlfriend of one of Tabby Diamond’s sons, her boyfriend would’ve had the same fate if he had been able to have his usual rendezvous with his father. The woman explained that Tabby, who was never in any conflicts with anyone and only went to the studio, had a very close bond with his son. The son would always inquire if his father visited whenever he returned home from work and if Tabby didn’t stop by then his son would go to his father’s house.

“My boyfriend was to do a coronavirus test so he could get to do an eye surgery. He took today off to do the surgery but his father was murdered in the night and my boyfriend missed it by the skin of his teeth,” she stated.

She explained that Tuesday night her boyfriend visited his father to collect money to go to the doctor, but his father wasn’t there so he returned home. She continued saying close to 10:00 pm her boyfriend got the call of his father’s death, but if he had seen his father he wouldn’t have made it home alive.

According to St Andrew Superintendent Kirk Ricketts of the South Police Division, the shooting was believed to be a gang-related conflict in the areas of McKinley Crescent and Wint Road going back to 2012.

“We have been speaking to sources, community members and there is a lot of finger-pointing. Of course, persons on the different warring sides, their names are being called and we are leaving no stones unturned. Mr Shaw’s son, who we have in custody on a murder charge, is known to be a violence producer in this particular space and we are trying to assess to see if any of the son’s activities in the past could have led to the father being targeted. At the same time, we are not saying that he was the target,” Superintendent Ricketts stated.

Check out the video with the voice message below

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