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The Game, T.I. Checks Kodak Black for Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle

While 99% of HiHop is having a hard time dealing with Rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death, Florida rapper Kodak Black seems to be on a whole different page from everybody else. Kodak Back was on his live saying all types of stuff about Nipsey Hussle and his fiance Lauren London. In one particular video he said “Lauren London that’s bay tho, she finna be out here single… she finna be a whole widow out here, i’ll be the best man i could be for her…i’ll give her a whole year she might need a whole year to stop crying and shit” while he said other stuff in different videos. First it was T.I now The Game is confronting Kodak Black online about his words about Nipsey and his wife. T.I stated ” Hey Kodak Black you outta pocket nigga, fix that shit… quickly… if no body else gonna say it i …

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T.I. and Busta-Rhymes Believe “Bob Marley’s” death was a CIA Conspiracy

A video has been shared on YouTube with Bill Oxley on his deathbed, saying he was paid by the American Government to murder Bob Marley and 17 others; and recently the American entertainers T.I. and Busta Rhymes have joined the number of persons who believe this story. Bob Marley passed away at the age of 36 at the University of Miami  Hospital in Florida after he was being treated for Cancer for many months. And there are many of his fans and his family members who have accepted what they were told.  T.I. shared the video as a post on his Instagram with a few words that said “I’m just gonna leave this here”, and since then a number of persons have shared the post. A representative of the Marley family said he doesn’t have a problem with the sharing of the video, but he doesn’t think the Marley family …

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