T.I. and Busta-Rhymes Believe “Bob Marley’s” death was a CIA Conspiracy

Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 1:12 PM

[Sharingbuttons]A video has been shared on YouTube with Bill Oxley on his deathbed, saying he was paid by the American Government to murder Bob Marley and 17 others; and recently the American entertainers T.I. and Busta Rhymes have joined the number of persons who believe this story.

Bob Marley passed away at the age of 36 at the University of Miami  Hospital in Florida after he was being treated for Cancer for many months. And there are many of his fans and his family members who have accepted what they were told. 

T.I. shared the video as a post on his Instagram with a few words that said “I’m just gonna leave this here”, and since then a number of persons have shared the post. A representative of the Marley family said he doesn’t have a problem with the sharing of the video, but he doesn’t think the Marley family will have much to say about it.


A few years before his death, the famous Reggae Superstar was shot after he had performed at a concert in Jamaica and it was said that the bullet was not removed from his hand. It was also said that his big toe was injured badly when he was playing football and Doctors had suggested that it should be amputated and he didn’t want it to be removed. It was said that the Cancer could have started in the toe and then spread to the rest of his body.

A new documentary has been featured on Netflix Re-mastered about the issue, so if there is any new evidence to be found, it could come out one day.

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