T.I. and Tiny Harris Threatens Legal Action After Denying Allegations about Sex Trafficking

T.I. has finally addressed the accusations of sex trafficking that was made against both himself and his wife Tiny Harris.

At first he was being accused of violence before things turned into a complex sexual assault allegation that involved a number of parties. The Atlanta entrepreneur who is a former friend to T.I,’s wife, Sabrina Peterson, recently claimed online that T.I. once held a gun to her head and he should not be admired or seen as a role model in any way.


Tiny responded to the allegations by saying it was a complete fabrication, Sabrina came back with an even heavier accusation. Claiming that she knew of over two-dozen women who T.I. and his wife had sexually assaulted after they had drugged them.

T.I. is choosing to speak out through a video that he posted on his social media account. He began by defending Tiny, he called her a beautiful person with a kind heart and an amazing spirit. He also explained that any sexual activity both he and his wife participated in with other people were done with the complete consent of those involved.

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He revealed that he knew exactly where to go to get what he wanted and he wouldn’t force persons, never drugged anyone against their will, and never held people against their will, he never made anybody do anything, and never trafficked anyone he outlined.

T.I. ended his video as his response to Sabrina’s recurring argument, as she said she is not being believed due to her gender and race.

However, T.I. the Atlanta rap Legend believes Black women should be supported, protected, defended, and uplifted. Evil has no gender and the people who have evil intentions have no gender. Threats come in all shapes and sizes and only time can tell who is lying.

The couple released statements, denying the allegations and threatened legal actions. They are becoming tired of the drama and they want the matter to come to an end.

Check out T.I. giving his statement below.

RELATED: More Than a Dozen Women Accuses T.I. and Tiny Harris of Sex Trafficking

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