Tami Chin Explains Why She Won’t Return to Music

June 4, 2020 4:35 PM

Jamaican dancehall reggae artiste Tami explained why she decided to stay away from the music business in a recent interview with Nightly Fix, she spoke about the unwritten code that exists, and what happened when she finally realized that her colleagues wanted to have sex with her.

Tami doesn’t have a desire to go back into the music business but she wants to talk about the issues, she says she has authority in her home and that is what she is holding on to now because no one will allow her to go on stage and talk about the unwritten code that she doesn’t like.


No one knows how many women in the dancehall music business are being sexually assaulted now, as not much is being said about the issue.

Tami said she didn’t face the sexual assault here in Jamiaca as she faced it in the states. She was in her relationship and made everyone know about it. She was always talking about her man.

In Jamaica people had difficulty accepting her based on the color of her skin, but once she performed and they got to like her there were no issues anymore.

However, when she went to England she had to look at what her race was, even though that was never a problem when she was in Jamaica. Tami while in UK found out that she is from a mixed race family.

When she had to face the problem, she wondered if she was quad racial as her family is mixed with White, Black, and Chinese. In the UK she lived in an area where there were mainly white people.

When she was younger and lived in the UK, Tami states that it was hard for her to date a British man as there is no commonality between her and them.


Tami says she only wants to speak her truth and that is what makes her feel good. Even though she is constantly evolving, but there are a growing number of people who want to hear more songs from her. She says it might happen or it may not happen when it comes on to going back into music, now that she is a wife and mother.

There are people who are loving ‘Meet the Mitchells’ Vlog because they loved her before and it gives her a great feeling.



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