Taniesha Declares She Will Support Her Husband to the End After Tying the Knot with MP George Wright

Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 2:32 PM

Two years after domestic violence allegations led to her split from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Member of Parliament George Wright, Taniesha has tied the knot with her longtime spouse. Amid the cloud of controversy that continues to overshadow Wright’s political career, Singh, now Mrs. Wright, has proclaimed her unwavering support for her husband.

In 2021, a video of a violent encounter between a man and a woman began circulating online. Controversy grew, with many members of the public accusing Wright of being the violent male perpetrator and his spouse of being the victim. Though Wright was not charged by the authorities, the MP was forced to resign from the JLP. Amid the lingering rumoured domestic abuse within his relationship, Wright and Taniesha exchanged vows at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Church on Saturday.


Following her nuptials, Taniesha expressed how joyful it was to finally marry and described her marriage as a long time coming, as the pair have been together for over 20 years. She shared with the Jamaica Star that it was her wish to keep her marriage ceremony a private affair. According to Taniesha, the decision to marry Wright came easily, and there was no need for her to question who she wanted to spend her life with. Showcasing her unwavering support for her husband, she expressed surety that Wright would overcome any challenge with her by his side.

“George is not only growing personally, but with my collaborative support, he’s supposed to overcome any challenge he or us may face [ …] I know that there is a future for me, and I know there is a future for George. I am steadfast in my belief that George’s purpose and I, in serving, we will, as a collaborative force, go further,” Taniesha stated.

With Wright’s political future as an independent member of parliament in Westmoreland Central not clear, Taniesha vowed to stay with him to the end. The newlyweds also highlighted that Wright’s constituents have benefited a great deal during his time in government.

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