Tanto Blacks Talks ‘Poor and Boasy’ Issue, Denies Fraud Allegations – Watch Interview

On an episode of OnStageTV with Winford Williams, which is his first TV appearance since the allegations, Tanto Blacks speaks out on the rumours that state he is involved with fraud. The Dancehall entertainer (born Junior Henry) profusely denies any link between him and any fraudulent activities by stating that he is innocent.

Tanto Blacks

When asked about the claim being made that the Real Rich singer defrauded someone, Tanto replied, “there is no criminal warrant out for me at no division.” He stated that there was no arrest, he just spoke with a detective in relation to the attestation of having committed fraud. He continued by avowing that he was only contacted by his management and legal team on the matter.


Tanto explained that upon returning to the country, he brought baby clothes for Poor and Boasy (because he has a baby on the way) and then went to get $200 US changed in Town. Poor and Boasy accompanied him and introduced him to someone named Cowboy so he could change the money. A few days later he receives a call from someone who takes him back to Cowboy and he tells him that he sent Poor and Boasy with fraudulent US bills to change. Tanto claims he filed a report at the station when it happened because he knew nothing about the fake money.

Poor and Boasy

From then on, Poor and Boasy was charged and Tanto had his name spread in the Gleaner and Star (the latter of which did not contact him before publishing and still has not returned his calls). The artiste said that he had two shows cancel his performances and he is unsure of another in Canada that he was booked for.

Tanto exclaimed, speaking of Poor and Boasy, “if you wah draw me innah hole wid you because yah cuss me bout me could a buss yuh long time, me could a carry yuh go a foreign long time….yuh nuh respect me, yuh nuh respect mi five kids dem…”

Watch the interview below:

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