Tanya Stephens Putting out New Songs Everyday

April 21, 2020

Tanya Stephens is doing something this month that has never been done in music business before. She is one of the most revered singer songwriters in Reggae and she is following the instructions that were given to persons so they can avoid catching the covid-19 virus as much as she can, she does social distancing and stays home.

She is releasing one song per day, every day she drops the streaming link for a song that has never been commercially available before.


Her fans have been downloading and listening to the music. She is halfway through April and some people have downloaded quite a few of the 40 songs that she did.

She is very grateful to her team, her producers, and a lot more persons who helped her with all the work she has done.

Stephens was planning to drop an album, but she had done 40 songs that she liked, and she wasn’t able to choose the ones for the album. She had planned to put them out before the virus came along.

It is coincidental, and it works because people are home and they are loving it she explained.

It is now challenging for her to get videos done, because it is hard to organise video shoots. She doesn’t want to put anyone at risk. She says she wants to be creative when she is putting out her work.

Her friends did videos just mouthing some of the songs and she is using them for now.


Tanya has Asthma and she is being extra careful in these times. She is looking forward to the end of the pandemic so she can perform for her fans again.

She has been quiet for a long time, as she was going through a lot, she was wanted to be left alone.

She wants persons to know that they should reach out to others if they don’t have enough food and do all they can to stay home, it is better for them to do that instead of risking their lives to go out and get food.



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