Tanya Stephens Teams Up with Richie Stephens’ Accuser General Ling

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 9:05 PM GMT-5

In an effort to stem the rampant sexual abuse issue in our society, veteran dancehall reggae singer Tanya Stephens is leading a crusade set to unify women against sexual predators.

Tanya herself has been talking for some time now about being raped when she was younger and just days ago General Ling came out, naming Richie Stephens as the person who raped her several years ago while they were in Australia.


Hours ago the “It’s a pity” singer took to her social media to congratulate General Ling on her decision to study psychology and criminology which seemingly will place a major role in the team of professionals that the singer is putting together.

Check out her post below.

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