Taxi Driver Forcefully Pulls Female Passenger From Taxi After She Refuses To Exit – Watch Video

Thursday, October 26, 2023, 11:54 AM

Shocking footage shows a disgruntled passenger and a taxi driver facing off in the busy streets of Kingston, leading to the passenger being dragged from the taxi onto the streets.



In a familiar case of not standing down and ‘sticking to your guns’, a video shows a taxi man standing outside his vehicle demanding that a female passenger exit his taxi. Defiantly, the female passenger refused the taxi driver’s directives and instead issued a few orders of her own.

According to the woman who said, “Please take me to my designated stop”, she continued by stating that the man should call the police because he was in the wrong. The annoyed taxi man then responded by asking the passenger repeatedly to leave his vehicle because he didn’t want to touch her and put himself in trouble.

The taxi man also revealed that the woman had not paid him yet, giving her more reasons why she should exit the vehicle, but to no avail. However, policemen were later spotted on the scene with a male officer nonchalantly walked by and stopped momentarily without seemingly doing anything or saying anything to defuse the situation, which turned physical shortly afterwards.


After the disappearance of the police officers from out of the camera’s lens, the man was done sending requests and proceeded to drag the female passenger out of the car full of other female passengers. The female passenger screamed out in distress as she was pulled out of the vehicle and landed on the ground. Bringing a dramatic end to the video.

See the video below:


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