Teacher vs. Student at Kemps Hill High School in Clarendon – Watch Video

Thursday, March 2, 2023, 6:02 PM GMT-5

A teacher at Kemps Hill High School in Clarendon and a male student got into a dispute that escalated into a physical altercation on the school grounds. Footage of the fight has been circulating on social media. It began with the male senior teacher and the schoolboy closely confronting each other by getting into each other’s faces.

When the student stepped towards the teacher, the teacher pushed him away. Seconds later, the student retaliated with punches and dragged the teacher to the ground. The two began wrestling as other students gathered around, laughing at the chaotic scene.

A security guard intervened while the two were grappling on the ground and managed to subdue the student with the teacher’s help. The altercation concluded shortly after, as other students remained in high spirits.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the school’s principal, Reverend Vernon Morrison, refrained from commenting on what happened, saying, “I am not able to utter anything at this time.”

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It is the most recent in a string of violent attacks at schools across Jamaica. Two students from Denham Town High School who violently attacked a classmate in February were caught on camera, and they are now being charged with assault in the Family Court.

Watch the video of the fight below:

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