Teejay and Tommy Lee Show Fans How to “Dip” in New Music Video

February 3, 2024 11:26 AM

Following his single Drift, Teejay has returned with another dance-driven track, this time teaming up with Tommy Lee Sparta for the song Dip.

Drift garnered massive international attention for Teejay. The single also served as a means of exploration, whereby the artiste voiced catchy and playful vocals on the beat.


This new take on dancehall, meant to reprioritise good vibes and focus on dancing, is further used in his new track, Dip. The official audio for Dip debuted on January 26, ahead of the release of his EP I Am Chippy on February 2.

Along with the EP, Teejay and Tommy Lee debuted the music video for Dip on Friday. Like DriftDip‘s music video places Jamaican dancers at the forefront, including the creator of the Drift dance move, Gabbidon.

The song also features an equally electrifying beat to further entice fans, which is not surprising as Anthony ‘PXNDX’ Shaw, who produced Drift, returned for DipDip is Teejay’s latest collaboration with Tommy Lee, and the Spartan Soldier deejay’s distinctive grimy flow that led to his popularity in dancehall pairs perfectly with Teejay‘s edgy cadence on the track.

Further reinforcing the edgy nature of the single is its music video’s dark underground aesthetics, which feature Teejay and Tommy Lee dancing as they deliver the song’s lyrics.

Some lyrics, “A suh mi dweet suh mi dweet. F*ck it up, dip. Run it up, dip. Up inna eh club me a bun it up, dip. Gyal a seh mi sweet like honey cup. But if mi dip inna mi waist every man and every gyal affi guh.”

Watch the music video below.



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