Tommy Lee Sparta Shares Statement Denouncing His Involvement in Recent Gang-Related Activities

Saturday, October 14, 2023, 2:06 AM

The management team of Tommy Lee Sparta has officially addressed the recent rumours and allegations surrounding their artiste’s involvement in gang-related activities in his former community via a letter. According to the issued statement by the Boss Lady Muzik team, they vehemently denounce any association between Tommy Lee Sparta and such illegal activities, which they claim are unfounded.



Tommy Lee Sparta, born Leroy Russell, posted the lengthy letter on his social media page with the caption, “Press Release.” Having been released less than a year ago from serving time for gun-related charges, the Spartan deejay, along with his management team, wants the public to know that he is a now reformed man, who is looking to inspire peace and positivity with his music.

As the letter states, “Tommy Lee has spent the past few years rehabilitating and turning his life around. After serving his sentence for past mistakes, he has been committed to living an honest life, focusing on his music and the positive impact he can make in the community. The allegations linking him to recent gang activities are wholly unfounded and without merit.”

Tommy Lee’s management also issued a few directives to the media, encouraging media practitioners to be accurate and fair with their pronouncements regarding Tommy Lee, seeing that he has made progress and changes to move from his troubled past, as per the management team.


In closing, the management team went on to thank fans of their artiste for their loyal support on behalf of Tommy Lee as well as update them on his current mindset, “He remains dedicated to his music and his mission of promoting peace, unity, and positive change through his art,” a part of the statement read.

See the full statement below:


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