Tommy Lee Sparta Called an Informer by His Father: A Tale of Great Lessons Learnt

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has opened up about a poignant childhood incident between him and his father, shedding light on a formative experience that left a lasting impact on his life.

In a candid video shared on social media, Tommy Lee Sparta recounted the event that taught him valuable lessons about trust and loyalty.

According to Tommy Lee, one day as a child, his father took him for a ride in his topless Renegade. The young artiste fell asleep during the excursion and woke up to find himself inside a hotel room.

Keeping up the pretence of sleeping, he noticed a woman he was seeing for the first time, wrapped in a towel.

Upon returning home, Tommy Lee bravely confided in his mother about the incident, sparking an argument between his parents. This revelation led to an uncomfortable confrontation with his father, leaving the young boy feeling conflicted and remorseful.

Sometime later, Tommy Lee sought his father’s help to put on a pair of shorts. However, his father’s response was harsh and dismissive, labelling him an “Informer.” This reaction deeply affected the young artiste, making him realize the gravity of his actions.

Tommy Lee expressed regret for what he had done and acknowledged that he had learned a vital lesson from the experience. The incident left him with a sense of responsibility as to what to say and what not to say.

See the video below:

The video was shared on Instagram by @pinkwalljmgofficial__ with a text that says, “Dancehall Artiste Tommy Lee Sparta told his mother that his father cheated on her which almost got his father killed. Tommy Lee regretted his action.”

Followers of the page found humour in the story, playfully referring to Tommy Lee as an “informer.” Some even admitted to doing the same thing as a child.

See some of the comments below:

Tommy Lee Sparta Comments

On the other hand, others spoke about the bond between mothers and sons and commended Lee, saying he did the right thing.

See more of the comments below:

Tommy Lee Sparta Comments

Tommy Lee’s revelation comes after his recent release from prison in March of this year, where he served time for possession of a firearm and ammunition.

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