Teejay Did Not Expect “Drift” to be a Hit; Speaks on Song’s Creation – Watch Interview

Dancehall artiste Teejay took a chance on a new type of music when it comes to the creation of his newest hit, Drift, and his efforts have paid off as the single’s audio garnered attention from hundreds of thousands of people before the music video was even officially released.

Drift was uploaded to YouTube on May 19 and the catchy song had listeners getting up to dance and sing along. According to Teejay who appeared on a recent release of the popular talk show Onstage, he did not think that the song would become as popular as it is today.

He was joined by dancers Gabbidon and Snow.

Admitting that he is not a dancer, the From Rags To Riches artiste stated that the drift dance was made by Gabbidon and that when it was brought to his attention, he was sceptical because “mi nuh too do di dancing ting, but I swear mi get di riddim and bro mi hear di song and is like, I was just kidding bro honestly, when mi voice di song…”

However, he continued by saying, “But yuh know sometime wi affi change, wi affi make people realize say yow is not just a artiste I’m a entertainer, wi affi entertain di fans…so mi jus say yow wi gon dweet.”

Teejay mentioned that the song was written in less than an hour and that he was surprised it was a hit as he has “20 songs right now weh kill mi dead a did dem a di song.”

Flanked by Gabbidon and Snow, Teejay launched into a live rendition of Drift followed by Bitcoin.

Watch the video below:

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