Teejay Warns Jeweller Who Allegedly “Chopped” Him Out of Millions, “Doh Mek Wi Find Him” – See Video

Bitcoin singer Teejay issued a stern warning to a man he refers to as Alex from Boston to reach out to him before he and his crew find him; according to Teejay, Alex ‘chopped’ millions of dollars from him for a pendant he promised to assemble, but he hasn’t received it up to now after nine months.

The dancehall entertainer kickstarted his rant via Instagram Live by pleading with Alex to link up, as he went on Teejay launched a few threats towards the alleged jeweller. 

“Alex a Live me ago wid you name, dutty Alex check pon e Live deh, me need me pendant Alex stop ramp wid me pendant else we a come a Boston come search fi you pussyhole, boy Alex,” Teejay warned.

The dancehall entertainer’s friends laugh in the background as he continues his speech by stating, “Alex carry me pendant co ge me Alex else Bigga ah co look fi you, Crime come like the boy waa you jump the border fi him, co tell police seh you life inna threat.”

Teejay also explained to Alex that he is a hard-working individual and his money does not come easy; the Up Top artiste claimed he was not wealthy, despite the rich lifestyle he portrays online and in music videos.

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“Listen to me nuh tru me seh Braff and me this and me that, me nuh rich a bomboclaat Alex me nuh have nothing, all a dem shirt yah all a deh boot yah all a deh chain yah deh watch yah dey jewellery weh yuh seh me wear, a loan jewellery dem me nuh got nuttin me nuh got no money,” Teejay disclosed, much to the amusement of his friends who laugh out loud as the deejay spoke. 

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See the video below:

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