Viral Gunman ‘Kelenemkyll’ Returns With More Serious Threats to Kill 10 Police and Civilians – Watch Video

A confessed gunman who calls himself Kelenemkyll seems to want the entire Jamaican population to take note of his alleged crimes and live in fear as he releases another video listing his previous crimes and makes several other threats.

This latest video follows his first viral video of him threatening to kill some of his friends unless he received one million dollars and a BMW car within the next three months. The confessed killer started his recent video by acknowledging that he was indeed the most wanted in Clarendon and bragging about his wealth.

UPDATE: Viral Gunman ‘Kelenemkyll’ Shot and Killed by Gangster Friends – See Picture

“Ask the police them a May Pen enuh pussy, ask dem a walk me walk and feed police, a tired me tired fi spend me money now and me waa back some a fi uno caa me a get paranoid and me soon dead, so me left my money and stop spend it cause me wah dead lef it ge me two daughter them,” Kelenemkyll declared.

UPDATE: Viral Gunman ‘Kelenemkyll’ Shot and Killed by Gangster Friends – See Picture

The gunman, who says he hails from the parish of Clarendon, seems to take law enforcement officers for fun and games as he revealed that a night ago, he videoed call the police and told them to reach before he was finished taking a bath.

“Police a nuh nuttin to me you nuh see them cant find me them can’t touch me, last night me deh a me yard a bath and video call the police and seh pussy reach me before me done bath, alright since as waa gwaan me a kill ten police a three AK me buy breda bulletproof vest me have 300 rounds fi each gun,” the confessed killer stated.

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Kelenmkyll also threatened a few vloggers who he claimed shouldn’t be reporting on him because they were smaller names, as he stated he only wanted Sir P from Politricks Watch Youtube channel to speak on him. In closing, he also confessed to killing over 100 people, including his family members, which he claimed he was proud of.

See the video below:

Kelenemkyll is an aspiring dancehall artiste who released a music video in 2022 for his song titled “Credit Card”.

Watch the music video below:

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