Clarendon Gunman Sends Death Threats to Friends; Wants 1M to Change His Mind – Listen Audio

An audio message issued as a death threat has been circulating online after an upset gunman issued a warning to all of his friends who he thought abandoned him in his time of need.

Said to be from the parish of Clarendon, the gunman only identified as “Clarendon most wanted” seemed to have felt betrayed by his friends because he was left to “suffer” after his wife died, with no one to extend a helping hand.

UPDATE: Viral Gunman ‘Kelenemkyll’ Shot and Killed by Gangster Friends – See Picture

The man stated, “Mi a get mad innah dis bl**dcl**t, yah go see mi pan di news…everyone a mi fren dem affi go run weh…take it as a threat or anything yuh wah take it fah…” The individual in the audio claimed to have spent his money and had been good to his friends when he had it, however, when he was down on his face, they did not extend the same courtesy and even went as far as to ignore his calls.

Speaking to someone he calls “Townman” directly, he says, “Mi neva expect yuh fi treat mi suh innuh Townman, all wah gwaan ennuh. Me neva expect yuh fi treat mi suh yuh hear.” He continued by stating that they would have to kill him, because he would go around killing all his friends in Clarendon unless they gave him money, one million dollars specifically, and a BMW car in the next 90 days.

“Right now mi a drive and kill out e wul a mi fren dem a Clarendon…weh a mean to me. From mi wife dead mi a suffer…90 days innah dis…mi wah 1 million when mi cum dung.”

UPDATE: Viral Gunman ‘Kelenemkyll’ Shot and Killed by Gangster Friends – See Picture

Listen to the audio below:

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