Laden Talks Prison Experience, The Gun and Music in First Interview Since Release – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Laden, whose correct name is O’keefe Aarons did his first interview since his release. In the Interview, the Time To Shine artiste talks about his recent stint in prison, why he had a firearm, his mindset and his musical endeavours.

Laden was freed over a week ago from prison after serving nearly 30 months of a four-year prison term for possessing an illegal firearm and ammunition. 

Laden sat down with Winford Williams of OnstageTV in an interview that premiered on Saturday night. To kick off the interview, the host asked, “What caused the early release?” Laden replied by explaining that his early release was a result of his good behaviour and him also applying for parole.

He went on to let it be known that he did not get into fights nor did things that were against the rules in prison. Winford followed by asking whether or not the fact that the firearm Laden possessed was never fired was a factor in his early release.

Laden agreed that he had but never fired the gun, however, he was not certain that fact played a part in his early release. He outlined that the weapon was for protection and he does not intend to intentionally hurt anyone that’s innocent.

Winford followed up by preaching to the St. Elizabeth-based artiste to which Laden details his positive intentions, “I’m a super good person.. i do have love for humanity… I’m not a violent person… i have no criminal record,” Laden outlines.

Watch the full interview below:

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