Laden Receives “Momma love”, Shows off Food Plus Reunites With Friends and Family in New Footages After Prison Release – Watch Videos

After his apparent early release from prison on Friday, dancehall artiste Laden seems to be making up for lost time away from loved ones, as the deejay has been spotted in a few videos doing just that.

One of the videos shows Laden holding a brown skin-toned baby in his hand while a group of his friends stood behind him, vibing to Shane O’s hit song Dark Room which seems fitting, given that the Time To Shine deejay has been in a dark room himself for close to 30 months.


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The video of Laden reunited with his loved ones was uploaded to Instagram with the caption, “Laden with family and friends after being released from jail earlier today.”

In the comment section of the Instagram post, a few fans were wondering if the baby that Laden was clinging to was his child. One commenter stated, “A prison him breed him woman?” while another said, “Hope that’s his nephew or supm.”

However, at least one commenter was not pleased with people celebrating Laden’s early release from prison, as the person states, “This is the problem with Jamaican and a lot of black people all over the world always give validation to people who commit crimes.”

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Another video was uploaded to Instagram by Laden with a watermark which read ‘Momma love’, it gave viewers a digital taste of his mother’s cooking. However, it’s unclear which one of the women that appeared in the video was his mom as two ladies were seen dishing out food while laden seemingly sat around a dinner table. 

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In the comment section of that particular video, quite a few of his co-workers gave their feedback of approval on Laden’s video, including Popcaan, Seanizzle, Charly Blacks and Hotfrass. 

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